Free Territory Management Application for Jehovah's Witnesses

Feb 28 2015 WORD Format is now working.

Feb 23 2015 Upgrades complete! Let me know if you see any problems. If you sign in with Google you may be prompted to accept new settings and register again. This is needed for the upgraded sign in process.

185,000+ Territories added!

Territory Map Cards

Congregation Wall Maps

Contact Management System

Territory and Campaign Tracking


Territory Card Features:

Territory Management Features:

  • New! Status Page
  • Check in/out Territories
  • Campaign Tracking included
  • Sorting/Paging
  • Household Count
  • Record Check-in/Check-out History
  • S-13-E Reports
  • Territories Check Out Report
  • Territories Available Report
  • Link to existing Territory Map Card Images

Application Features:

  • Sign in with your existing Google or Yahoo! account
  • Runs in any modern Web Browser
  • Data is saved on the Web Server
  • Software is always up to date
  • No Downloads or updates Required
  • Works on a Mac, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone
  • No personalized or sensitive information required
  • All Communications with the server are encrypted
  • Can be Translated into most Languages

Planned Features

  • More languages (To add more languages I need an example Map Card)
  • Publishers page - link will be provided on the map card
  • Publishers page will include: Territories Checked out, PDF Downloads, directions from the Kingdom Hall to the Territory, Check In option, etc...

Please Watch these Helpful Tutorial Videos before getting started. They are over a year old and the interface has changed. They still have good tips.

New! Contact Management System:

  • Helps Deaf and Foreign Language Congregations manage their contacts
  • Form Phone Witnessing and Letter Writing Territories
  • Import Saturation mailing lists to manage every household in your territories.
  • Verify and Geocode addresses.
  • Automatically picks correct territory.
  • Find Household count by territory!

Congregation Wall Map Builder:

Recent Updates:

  • Mar 21, 2014 - New Status Page! Easily Check In/Out Territories. Includes Search, Paging, and Sorting. The Territory Filter isn't functional yet.
  • Feb 23, 2014 - Added an Import button to the Contact module to support phone listings from DeLorme Street Atlas USA Plus 2014. I still need a few days to get all the bugs worked out. This is a great affordable way to get phone territories in the US. I'm also planning to bring online at least three new servers. (Eastern US, Western US, and UK) This should help with redundancy, growing pains and latency.
  • Jan 27, 2014 - Added additional map card options (Show DNC Markers, Show Contact Markers, and Road Label Font Size)
  • Jan 16, 2014 - Testing mass contact imports. Working on adding Grouping/Sorting to Contacts. Additional Contact reports are almost complete. Coming soon: Territory Status Page!
  • Dec 26, 2013 - Batch Verify address and Geo-coding added. This only works for US addresses. Best of all it's provided free by SmartyStreets! Address validation by SmartyStreets
  • Dec 25, 2013 - Basic Contact Import ready. Added filters, search, and batch abilities to Contact page. Address correction added to all locate buttons.
  • Make sure you watch the videos linked at the bottom of the page. They will show you tips that will save you time.
  • (See the About page for instructions on how to get languages added)
  • Dec 19, 2013 - Added Congregation and Territory Contact downloads. Fixed several bugs causing validation errors and problems with the sub division downloads.
  • Site interface has been updated. Expect some more updates soon. If you have any problems try a full refresh (CTRL + F5)
  • Contact import ability is complete!
  • Congregation and Contact pages now show Territory boundaries. Territory and Contact pages now show Territory Numbers on the map.
  • Contact Territory Auto-Select is now working and ready for you to test out.
  • A new Full Page Large Font Map Card has been added! This has been requested by many Congregations with large rural territories. See the "About" page for more details.
  • Contact Management System is basic abilities are now being tested! Specially designed for ASL and Foreign Language Congregations!
  • Added ability to list/create/update/locate Contacts.
  • You can now toggle the header area for more working space!
  • Updated the style. I hope you like it.
  • Chrome Users: Territory Assistant is now a Chrome App. Check it out!
  • Campaign Tracking!
  • Household Count
  • Invite Help: From the Account Page you can invite helpers.
  • Reports Updated: Territories Available and Territories Checked Out now show the date the report was generated. They also show how many months the territory has been checked out or checked in for.
  • Territory Tags have been enabled. While editing a territory you will now see a Tag tab. From there you can select the appropriate tags that you created on the Congregation Page. When you have no territory selected you will have the option to filter your territories by tags.
  • Taging system has been added. First create tag options on Congregation Page. Then add those tags to the territories on the Territory Setup page. The tags will be used for filtering and more detail Wall Maps!
  • Reduced the map card size options to focus on quality and languages over quantity. After Territory Assistant has more features, more Map Card sizes can be created.
  • Map cards are now clearer and easier to read. Area to work is completely clear. Surrounding area is shaded.
  • Language Options Added. Send me a copy of a Territory Card in your desired Language for me to add the translated fields.
  • Added a new Video that demonstrates how to use the latest features!
  • Added a JW Product search to the links page. It has nothing to do with territories but I thought it would be useful. It only searches websites featuring JW Products. I will be adding more sites to it as I find them.
  • Added Reports
  • Record Check-in and Check-out dates and Publisher name
  • You can now resize the Map!
  • You can now add "Road Labels". This feature is designed for Territories that have road names that are hard to read.
  • You can now Download the Congregation Overview in TIFF and Territory Map Cards in PDF, TIFF, and WORD formats!
  • New Feature! Two new drop down lists have been added just above the map. The first one is called "Default Marker Select Action" this allows you to change what happens when you click on a marker. The second is called "Default Territory Select Action" this changes what happens when you select a territory.
  • Feature Changed! Each territory can be set to either "Road" or "Hybrid". Most should be set to "Road" unless the road map is outdated or if the hybrid view makes a territory easier to define. This option will affect the PDF that is generated.
  • New Feature! Congregation Overview (click Congregation screen, click PDF. File size is rather large be patient.)
  • Internet Explorer users will no longer have embedded YouTube videos, they have been replaced with links to the videos.
  • If new features fail to work refresh. (usually by pressing CTRL + F5)