Welcome to the NEW Territory Assistant website.

We are working to bring everything back online as soon as we can. There are a few minor fixes to implement before the system is 100% ready. Please do not change any data at this time because there may be a few changes as we are still finalizing a few things. Thank you for your patience

Due to a ransomware attack, the latest data from the old Territory Assistant website has been corrupted. We do have a clean backup from April that will be used in the new version.

Please accept our deepest apologies, we know some of that data may be difficult to recreate.

Any of the following changes made since April will need to be recreated:

  • Congregation Accounts
  • Territories and their borders
  • Sign-in and Sign-out records (data for S-13)
  • Contact data and Do Not Calls

Please contact us to see what we can do to assist you as we work together to build back what was lost.

Thank you for your patience.

You can reach us at support@territoryassistant.com or contact-project+territory-assistant-ta-blog-38570487-issue-@incoming.gitlab.com if you have additional questions.