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Current Headlines

  • Online: An issue creating and updating territories was fixed 11/29/22
  • Online: An issue saving contact data was fixed 11/29/22
    • Contact data edited between 11/21/2022 and 11/29/2022 should be verified
  • Tutorial Videos In the Works!
    • There will be work on tutorial videos done over the next several weeks

Most Recent Update: 2022-11-29

  • New: Website Health Checks implemented
  • Fixed: Editing Contact Data
  • Fixed: Updating and creating territories
  • Fixed: Some security issues were addressed
  • Fixed: Road labels
  • Fixed: Territory Check in and out
  • Fixed: Add new accounts
  • In Progress: Remaining map card issues
  • In Progress: S-13 Reports

News and Updates History

You can reach us at or contact-project+territory-assistant-ta-blog-38570487-issue-@incoming.gitlab.com if you have additional questions.